Fire Risk Assesments: 


Take the mystery out of Fire Risk Assessments with our
experienced team who will explain it to you in plain English.

Fire Risk assessments tend to confuse or scare a lot of people because they are not sure what is required or how to go about it. When you have it explained to you or carried out for you by GFS fire you will have it all explained to you and recorded for your records.

We believe in making things simple but making sure that the appropriate safety information is conveyed to those who may be at risk. We work with your staff to carry out your assessments and to make sure that you have adequate safety measures in place and the people understand what they are and the need for them.

This process not only helps to protect your business but also helps to educate your staff for the future, as well as meeting your legal requirements for risk assessments to be carried out.

Don't let risk assessment sit on the shelf - get it done by the professionals and get your business protected!

Fire Risk Assessment - The Law

Fire Risk Assessments are now required by law from October 2006. Premises covered by the law include:

If you are one of these you must carry out Fire Risk Assessments and record and act on your findings.

To help you we have created a simple self assessment form that you can use to help identify areas where you need to take further action to protect yourself:

Self Assessment Form - page 1
Self Assessment Form - page 2

Contact us now for help and guidance in how to go about this.